Revenue Management Price Plans

In order to maximize revenue, you need to do everything to drive Occupancy and ADR. That’s where your primary focus should be. Since Revenue Management can be time and resource consuming, you might be forced to put critical tasks on the backburner.

Let us manage all the manual/repetitive tasks, while you focus on guest engagement and sales strategy.

Hotel Outsourced Revenue Management Pricing Plans

Our hotel revenue management plans are based on segmentation of customers, our skills, and specific requirements. Beyond these plans, if you’d like for us to work on a tailored campaign, please get in touch.

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Pricing Management

We set up your pricing in order to maximise revenue.
In order to do this, we leverage:

  • your market insights
  • our revenue knowledge

While we define the strategy together with our clients, we don’t bother you with managing the systems. We take care of them on our own.

Also, we analyse competitor rates, and train your staff members on Negotiated, Corporate, and Group rates.

Inventory Management

Though most hoteliers consider inventory management to be only about managing and generating demand, it also plays a key role in maximising return on the room inventory. We work with you to ensure:

  • better room types performance
  • seamless monitoring
  • implementation of additional RM tactics

We consistently track results to make necessary changes.

Our aim is to understand your specific goals and challenges to be able to deliver what’s needed.

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