Outsourcing Marketing Solution

alIs your business in need of an experienced and knowledgeable marketing professional who can provide part-time or temporary senior level marketing support?

There are lots of scenarios when outsourcing your marketing requirements could make the world of difference to your business:

  • Your Marketing Director resigns and you know it could take 6-12 months to find a replacement, you need someone to hold the reigns, to motivate and direct the team.
  • Your Marketing Director goes on long term sick leave or maternity leave. You don’t know how long they will be away and you don’t want the commitment of a full time interim.
  • The Company is up for sale. Your Marketing Director has gone, the company is up for sale and no one wants to step into the role. You need someone to steer the ship through turbulent times, keep the marketing department focused and inspire confidence in the buyers.
  • You can’t justify a full time Marketing Director position but you know you need strategic marketing help and direction. Your marketing manager is doing a great tactical role but they just don’t get the big picture.

If any, or all of these scenarios sound like your business then our oursourcing marketing service could be the solution.

Why not email us in confidence today to discuss your requirements on Sales@InnDepth.co.uk  or call  07720 047867  

Benefits to your business of outsourcing your businesses marketing requirements:

  • No expensive recruitment fees, we agree terms and away we go
  • There’s no long-term commitment
  • We are not employees so there are no expensive legal obligations
  • We don’t need a bonus, company car, private healthcare, paid holiday etc.
  • We can provide a very flexible service, from one to three days a week to just a few days a month. Whatever your business needs.

In summary if you employ a Marketing Director they will want a hefty salary and a weighty benefits package. They can cost anything from £40,000 up to £100,000 per annum. 

So why not use our Outsourcing Marketing Solution as, and when, you need it. We offer all of the business benefits without any employment commitment.

What experience do InnDepth bring to the table and how do we add value as a outsourced marketing team?

  • Our experienced a marketing team don’t need hand holding
  • The team have worked in various industry sectors but specialise in the hospitality sector
  • The team have worked for, and with some of the UK’s leading independent hotels
  • The team have over 50 combined years of sales, marketing and revenue experience
  • Members of the team have been included in the Boutique Hotelier Power List for marketing
  • Experienced in pre-opening and opening of several luxury hotels 
  • The team have experience and knowledge of working with hotels the lenghth and breadth of the country hotels

Whatever your need and whatever the size of your company you can benefit from the services of an accomplished marketing team. Outsourcing your marketing requirements doesn’t cost a fortune and there is no long-term commitment unless you want it. The fact is you just can’t buy this level of marketing experience without paying through the nose.

Think I might be able to help you please give me a call 07720 047867 and ask for Nigel. It costs nothing to talk and we can see where the conversation takes us. Alternatively you can always send an email to Sales@InnDepth.co.uk, but I would much rather talk to you.

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