InnDepth are different

InnDepth Hospitality is a business and people development consultancy specialising in marketing, sales and revenue management solutions. InnDepth Hospitality, unlike other consultants don’t hand you a lengthy (and often expensive) report telling you what is wrong, and leave you with the problem. InnDepth Hospitality provide practical solutions and assistance in implementing them.

We work closely with you and alongside your employees so that they own, deliver the solution and the change process.

As an external adviser InnDepth Hospitality are not constrained by internal structures or politics, and can look at the business holistically.











Solutions driven by InnDepth Hospitality are different

InnDepth Hospitality strongly believes that there is a solution to every problem and ‘The Solution’ is often already in the business, we just have to find it! InnDepth Hospitality will search the length and depth of your business to identify any problems . Once identified InnDepth Hospitality will then assist in implementing the solution and enabling changes. We do this by developing the knowledge, skills and capabilities of your teams so that when we leave you are self-sufficient.

InnDepth Hospitality can coach, mentor and train your teams to improve their skills and capabilities. By working with your teams and involving them in the changes, they are much more likely to embrace the new processes and procedures implemented. The staff will benefit from their newly learned skills and share in the success and growth of your business.

Process Improvement

Many processes become entrenched in the day to day operations of a business but the reason or purpose behind the activity remains a mystery. InnDepth Hospitality is different because we believe in working smarter not harder.

We will ask you some very simple questions:


  • Why is someone doing something?
  • Who are they doing it for?
  • Is there a better or simpler way to do it?
  • What else could they be doing if they weren’t doing this?

InnDepth System Knowledge

With experience of implementing new websites and booking systems we do not promote ourselves as experts but have the knowledge to assist and advise on the right systems for your business. Systems are an integral part of many marketing, sales and customer service environments, however, they should be enabling and not disabling. Often simple changes, or knowing how to use the capabilities that the system provides can enrich the productivity of your employees.

Now you know why InnDepth Hospitality is different!

InnDepth Hospitality is different, putting people first

People are at the heart of every business. Cultures are a reflection of the people within an organisation. Work is not only a means of earning a living, for many it provides social interaction and a sense of worth. To truly get the best from people you need to understand what motivates and drives them.
How can you make your plans for development and change appeal to everyone?
We can help you with that. 

Charity Work 

Being a Yorkshire based business InnDepth Hospitality are delighted to support the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Find our more today Visit Yorkshire Air Ambulance 























"Nigel has been a great asset to the Lensbury as Head of Sales and Marketing and made a great impact to our bottom line in his timehere. A pleasure to work with and a very knowledgable, lateralthinker in the venue sales business."

Lacy Curtis-Ward , CEO Lensbury Ltd

" Nigel is an excellent sales professional with a proven track record and large network of contacts and relationships. Always a pleasure to work with him."

Henrietta Bird, Marketing Director Cliveden

"Nigel Brunt is highly experienced and knowledgeable marketing professional who has a broad range of both marketing and people management skills to bring to bear. He thinks and acts independently, he takes responsibility, he gets things done and he produces results. "

Simon Rhatigan, Managing Director, Bike and Boot Hotels

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